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Kentico CMS

Trusted by over 300 credit unions nationwide, SmartSource delivers uniquely designed sites which utilize the latest in responsive design technology. Your members will be empowered with a mobile-friendly platform loaded with the tools they need to make financial decisions.

Security is also of concern when you choose your CMS.  We stay away from open-source Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla, which can be vulnerable if not kept properly patched.  Instead, we power your website with Kentico CMS, an industry-leading platform which allows you to manage virtually all the content within your site.

Kentico logo

Standard Functionality

  • Responsive Design
  • Dynamic Banner Ad Management
  • Scheduled Content
  • Content Regions
  • Article Lists
  • Member Alert Bar
  • Document Management
  • Image Management
  • Content Versioning
  • User Management
  • Workflow
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • YouTube Integration

Additional Components

  • HTML5 Animated Banner Ads
  • Tabbed/Accordion Content
  • Content Carousels
  • Dynamic Modal Windows
  • Member Polling
  • Events Calendar & Registration
  • CO-OP or SUM ATM Network Integrated Search
  • Social Media Integration
  • Interactive Calculators
  • Blog
  • Secure Forms
  • RSS Feeds
  • Site Search