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AI Chatbot

The Challenge

Employees waste 9.8 hours a week searching for information, and can spend as much as half of their day doing non-productive work that could be automated.

The Solution

Get Answer to Questions and Streamline Workflows, IN SECONDS!

Introducing IDA, the AI Chatbot!

Safe, Secure & Customizable AI Built for Credit Unions

The only intelligent data assistant that unlocks the wealth of your enterprise content for your team and your customers.

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IDA screenshot

Multiple Use Cases, One Platform

IDA is designed to meet any workflow:

Internal Teams

Train your bot with your own content. Data is always secure and never for public use.

External Chatbot

Provide better customer support with an intelligent bot embedded on any website.

AI Advisor

Have meaningful discussions with a game-changing emersive experience.

No Code AI - Setup In Less Than 5 Minutes

Whether you are rolling it out internally or sharing externally, IDA’s got you covered:

  • Data secure w/ advanced data masking
  • Train IDA from any word doc, PDF, CSV, TXT, and more Control bot responses
  • Easy logo/theme customizations
  • Multiple share options (user log in, URL, embed code)


Use Cases

More Knowledge, More Power, Better Results:

Internal Search

Find information instantly, regardless of location or format. Stop bugging your colleagues!

Customer Support

Get customers the answers they need quickly, in natural language.Internal Search

Data Analysis

Skip the spreadsheet calculations, just ask for what you want.

Document Comparison

Find discrepancies & commonalities within seconds.

Crafting Emails

Write any email instantly, in a variety of voices.

Website Chatbot

Customizable website chatbot for superior customer service.

Streamlined Workflows

Automate repetitive tasks like data entry, inventory management, or employee onboarding.

Admin Support

Prepare expense reports, create charts or overviews for meetings, and quickly respond to messages.

SmartSource clients receive a 10% discount as well as free onboarding/training!

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